The Six Step  Innovation (6Si) Approach
Discover the fastest way to innovate and transform any Experience, Process, Product or Service..

Steve Towers

Creator of Outside-In thinking and Practice - Amazon best selling Author, Consultant and Coach to the Best
any process, CX, Product or Service
repeatable delivery
How the 6 Step Innovation (6Si) approach engages everyone and is FAST and FUN delivering REAL Measureable Tangible results in hours
SECRET #2: HOW TO ACHIEVE Triple Crown Benefits (Simultaneously Improving Service, Reducing Costs and Growing Revenues) from all Innovation work
How to quickly focus on REAL needs and create an agreed framework to share with anyone involved with the transformation
SECRET #3: HOW TO MAINTAIN the Innovation wins and turn on the rinse-repeat cycle to make Innovation the culture 
How to create a definitive set of METRICS that align everything you do to quickly deliver and sustain the Successful Outcomes achieved
Six Step Innovation - how and what do the Best do in terms of NEXT Practice?
Hosted twice in 2020 so far - each session overbooked so please book fast! I will see you on the inside....
Thanks very much for an amazing course! You are a fantastic facilitator and I'm truly blessed to have you share your wisdom with us.
Jenny Simpson, Senior Consultant, Business Improvement,
National Australia Bank

This is a special webclass that is aimed  at getting you insane results - seats are filling up FAST...
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