6 and a Half Lessons About Successful Transformation
 How You can qualify and become a Certified Outside In Master!
What about doing something that can both inspire you and make a real difference in yours and other people’s lives?

2020 Intake - Only 50 Spots

When the spaces have gone they have gone!

Steve Towers

Chief Coach

In this quick preview I will review the possibilities and opportunity of becoming a Certified Outside In Master (COIM) from the comfort of your own place. Becoming a COIM is a recorded LIVE and interactive program that takes just 7 weeks at three hours per week to complete,

What You Will Learn In This Introduction:
INSIGHT #1: In the introductory walkthrough you will learn about.. 
The role of the Certified Outside In Master and its criticality to business success, 
review some of the coaches and mentors, and discover what makes 
the COIM accredited 
learning so unique! 
INSIGHT #2: Discover Our Approach to helping people move Outside-In
You’ll also explore how becoming an Certified Outside In Master can help you create profound change in other people’s 
lives, as well as your own.

INSIGHT #3: Why Committing to
Outside In is important
We will share everything 
you need to know about 
the Certified Outside In Masters 
– the why’s, how and when.

We start with the fundamentals, showing you what being an Certified Outside In Master is,
why it matters, and the opportunities open to you as a accredited professional.
Once you have watched the preview and registered for the main program then over 6 weeks
(with a bonus week) we will teach you the fundamentals of Outside In thinking and practice
and before you know it you will qualify as an Certified Outside In Master. 

Additional materials will be provided for offline learning as we believe it’s vital that you
immerse yourself in the ideas if you’re going to achieve the success within your immediate reach.
You’ll explore questions like:
>> What is an Certified Outside In Master? 
>> How does this process and experience thing work?
>> Is becoming a COIM right for me?
>> What issues and challenges can I work with?
>> How is it different from normal training?
>> What can I do as a Certified Outside In Master?
>> How does coaching work as a business or career choice?

You will learn about:
>> The principles that underpin our coaching approach
>> Why the BPG is leading the way with CX and business transformation
>> Our Accreditation and Certification in Customer Experience Management,  Advanced Process Management and Outside-In approaches  
>> Our vibrant community and what makes it so special
>> Our Live Virtual Training Approach

And all The Details:
For Your Access To the COI Masters program

>> Location
This is a virtual session and you will receive details to join us online in your confirmation and reminder emails.
>> Times
The introduction session lasts thirty minutes, is delivered live and recorded for you offline viewing also.

Network with a world wide community of qualified Outside In Practitioners, Professionals & Mentors
Gain a valuble professional qualification to enhance your career
Establish and affirm your credentials with colleagues and peers