Innovating Innovation
I will cover the SIX STEP process that delivers awesome Innovation for any current customer experiences or business processes. 

In just 45 minutes you will learn how this cutting edge approach enables top-performing companies to effectively Innovate Innovation.
One of the Keys to Innovation
is that it should always be happening
(It isn't a one and done thing)
Customer Experiences
Successful organizations seem to have a knack for Rapid Transformation of their existing Customer Experiences and dynamically raise the bar on Customer Expectations. Learning how to model this approach will help you to do the same.

Get the Inside Track for Innovating Successfully.
Process Management
Many have approached business processes as if they are modern-day production lines. That mindset will cripple innovation, constrain rapid transformation, and ultimately leave the people in your company frustrated and frightened by change.

Learn How To Break this Stifle Cycle.

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Steve Towers

Innovation Coach
In this Webinar I will walk you through the Steps to Innovate any Process or Customer Experience. When it is done correctly you can generate an Actionable Plan that shows the scale of Innovation and the Significant Benefits in terms of Reducing Costs, Improving Service and Growing Revenues. 
Innovation is Exhilarating
The Six-Step Innovation Approach engages everyone involved. It is logical (NOT soft and fluffy) and connects the dots from the current state to the future state making it OBVIOUS and COMPELLING for everyone.

Innovative thinking that meet Today's challenges

INSIGHT #1: Innovation is completely scaleable and can include everyone from the board room to the front line
Traditional Innovation conjures up an image of men in white coats in secretive labs practising a weird alchemy. Not so with this approach. It is very inclusive and you do not need a degree in computer science to understand it. In fact it is open to all skills levels.
INSIGHT #2: Implementing the Results from Innovation has a robust business case
Old time innovation frequently carried a big price tag. Not so anymore and in fact if Innovation isn't reducing costs, growing revenues and enhancing service you are doing something wrong. Accordingly every Innovative idea should pay for itself in double quick time.
INSIGHT #3: Using the Innovation Approach engages and excites everybody to desire more
The Six Step Innovation Approach is actually very practical and fun to apply and will especially appeal to those who enjoy thinking 'out of the box'. Each innovative idea can be assessed and evaluated against others, providing a gamified feel for adopting the best future state.  

What do you Get?

I will walk you through the Six Steps. At the end of the Webinar will you will also get access to the recording, the transcript, the slideshow, a Six Step Innovation Cheatsheet and special bonus featuring unique resources from the best innovative influencers on the planet today.
  • Inclusive involving people at every level from the board room to the frontline
  • Direct and Results Oriented
  •  Fast as Future States can be assessed and implemented rapidly
  • ​Easy to undertake 
  • Trackable Every Innovative idea can be measured real time
  • Personalized to your environment
Innovation creates Winners
The Six-Step Innovation Approach is fun, engaging, and gets everyone's skin in the game. Be careful though, it is so easy it could become a habit!

What Our Customers Say

"Another fantastic learning, personal, and professional development experience with you!"

Lyall Shapiro, Australia

"Thank you soooooooo much Steve.. this achievement means a lot to me & huge credit goes to you.. looking forward for my next session"

Amal Shaira, United Arab Emirates

"An honor to work with you Steve. A fantastic experience!"

Kath Milne, Australia